Cotton candy is a nostalgic treat, loved by the young at heart.

Some would say it evokes feelings of surprise, enchantment and delight.

​We agree and would go so far as to bet there is a smile spreading across your face right now, just thinking about it.

Fancy Fluff is a new twist on a classic favorite!

Our affection for cotton candy started years ago…But it truly all started with a trip to Amsterdam. (It wasn’t that kind of trip….)

Our family fell in love with the bakfiet bike we rode while visiting and when we returned home, we bought one for jaunts around Austin. But after about 6 months, my kids quickly outgrew getting carted around and it sat outside, lonely and unused.

Then a stroke of genius! We could outfit the bike into a mobile cotton candy station and ride it around Austin! I had long perfected the special skills needed to run a cotton-candy machine and became the lead sugar-spinner each year at my high school fall carnivals. However, after a visit to the City of Austin, I left deflated as such a bike would require the same outfitting as a food truck!

Deflated but not beaten – I still loved the idea of mobile cotton candy. But it wasn’t until we attended an outdoor event and purchased some cotton candy that I realized cotton candy could use an update! The bright, artificial chemicals and full of refined sugar stuff had to go! And I was just the person to do it!

Enter a new creative canvas: Combining my background in special events, love of cooking and keen business finesse, I realized I could create a new delectable dessert for Austinites, one that was made with organic natural ingredients and full of real flavor.

Today Fancy Fluff is proud to provide the sweets for any special event with a variety of flavor options (65+) and customized branding for any special event or wedding.

Our sugary sweet treats are spun onto a signature cone to create a magical experiences, perfect for any event.

Go on.

Indulge yourself.

Be fancy.

Celebrations are meant to be savored!

Fancy Fluff prides itself on being able to contribute to the Austin community and had the pleasure of supporting the following nonprofits this year:

Is your nonprofit interested in a donated party?